Healthy Homes Assessments

Healthy Homes

At The Good Home NZ, we understand the importance of ensuring rental properties meet Healthy Homes standards in New Zealand. With our affordable Healthy Homes assessments starting from just $149+GST, landlords can rest assured that their properties comply with regulations while providing safe and comfortable living conditions for tenants.

Comprehensive Healthy Homes Assessments

Our team of experienced professionals conducts thorough Healthy Homes assessments to identify any areas of non-compliance with Healthy Homes standards. From insulation and heating to ventilation and moisture control, we assess every aspect of your property to ensure it meets the required standards set by the New Zealand government.

With our transparent pricing starting from $149+GST, landlords can easily schedule an assessment and receive a detailed report outlining any areas that require attention. We believe in providing affordable solutions without compromising on the quality of our service.

Maintenance Services for Failed Assessment Items

In addition to conducting Healthy Homes assessments, The Good Home NZ offers maintenance services to address any failed assessment items on behalf of property owners. Whether it’s installing insulation, upgrading heating systems, or improving ventilation, our team is equipped to handle all necessary repairs and upgrades to bring your property up to standard.

We understand the urgency of addressing failed assessment items promptly, which is why we prioritise efficiency and reliability in our maintenance services. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust us to ensure your property meets Healthy Homes standards without delay. 

Why Choose The Good Home NZ?

  • Affordable pricing starting from $149+GST for Healthy Homes assessments
  • Comprehensive assessment reports with transparent findings
  • Experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring compliance with Healthy Homes standards
  • Efficient maintenance services to address failed assessment items promptly
  • Peace of mind for landlords and property owners

Don’t let the complexity of Healthy Homes standards overwhelm you. Trust The Good Home NZ to provide affordable Healthy Homes assessments and maintenance services tailored to your property’s needs. Schedule an assessment today and take the first step towards ensuring your rental property meets regulatory requirements while providing a safe and healthy environment for tenants.